Powering your workplace is a big expense. It’s time to think small. Think smart plugs. Show ’em who’s BOSS.

Be a Control Freak

Control, schedule, re-schedule, and monitor both power (watts) and energy (watt hour) usage of all the plug load controllers from a single desktop or mobile interface.

Divide and Conquer

Create a single system to control dozens (or hundreds) of individual, smaller electric loads which would otherwise be too labor intensive to manage individually.

Beyond Comparison

Analyze historical power and energy usage to adjust schedules or note important energy use / equipment use behaviors from building occupants, allowing you to further fine tune power schedules or other building procedures.

Save Energy with Dynamic Scheduling

Even during unoccupied hours, your energy-sucking appliances are using power and running up the electric bill. By scheduling power cycles with BOSS, you can cut back on wasted energy by reducing unoccupied-hour energy usage to zero.
Typical Business Day Comparison(Average 2 Hour Power Consumption (Watts))


Easy Setup & Installation
120V & 220V Smart Plug Loads
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120 Smart Plug

The 120V Smart Plug is rated for 15 amps and can control all of your smaller 120V loads, such as office equipment, wind air conditioners, and vending machines.

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220 Smart Plug

The 220V Smart Plug is rated for 20 amps and can control all your heavy 220V loads such as PTACs, pumps and wall and ceiling electric heaters.

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Monitor and control your 120 volt and 220 volt electrical devices from almost anywhere with our cloud-based platform that creates a virtual ecosystem between smart plugs, web and mobile interfaces & cloud hosted data.

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building background

What does your building cost to power?

Even when buildings are empty - which is about 70% of the time - they continue to use energy. Think about how that shrinks your budget. Powering these facilities is costing billions of dollars ever year.
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