Our Technology

BOSS technology is centered around the Atmospheres®

The Atmospheres® software platform and cybersecure embedded chip module, provides a unique and innovative solution that comprehensively integrates technology, energy, data and services for commercial customers, utilities, and providers to the smart-building market.


Atmospheres® provides a single platform dashboard, enabling total demand energy management. The main components are:

  • Fully integrated behind-the-meter smart controls
  • Pricing, usage and control dashboard
  • Automation for scheduling for demand response participation
  • Predictive algorithms for managing peak load and capacity and transmission cost
  • Connection to the wholesale market for excess demand or generation resale
  • Open API for integrating distributed energy resources
  • Reporting, trending, and analysis

OEM Chip Module

BOSS intends to offer the Atmospheres® platform as a plug-and-play solution to OEM product manufacturers who desire to incorporate Internet connectivity in their products. The “inside the meter” component of the solution is the BOSS Control Module (BCM) and will include secure networking, device control, cyber encryption, energy verification, and blockchain energy tokenization to enable participation in the transactive energy marketplace.

BOSS focuses on the BOSS secure, wireless chip module and will rapidly scale by embedding the proprietary module into all electrical junction points of the building.  Reference designs will be made available for an OEM strategy “Certified by Atmospheres®” to enable capable hardware manufacturers to embed BOSS Control Module.

Secure Network

BOSS provides a complete solution to the market place which includes bringing proprietary Internet and WiFi services in to the building with preconfigured devices for a truly plug and play process for mass installation and scalability.  Plug in the smart plug and it registers to the Atmospheres® dashboard, immediately.  

Cyber Security

BOSS security is a market differentiator.

  • The only fully integrated, cyber secure, interoperable solution in the market
  • Decentralized architecture with security and resiliency principles, built in, as requirements
  • Multipath communications and multi-layered security with no single point of failure
  • Best-in-class chip-to-cloud technology – no back-doors or inherent weaknesses – forcing compliance through standards
  • Cradle to grave security and on-shore production
  • Only accepts pre-authorized, or “whitelist” programs and instructions and only communicates with BOSS secure cloud
  • Dedicated, secure cloud connections with multiple segmentation solutions and secured via multi-layered, encrypted connections
  • Provides a separate, dedicated IoT network, ensuring only secure devices are connected
  • Collaborating with Federal Government to establish IoT security specs & certification processes

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