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McKinsey estimates that more than $1.2 trillion in building energy waste could be saved in the U.S. over 10 years.

Other sources estimate that U.S. buildings waste 60% to 80% of the $350 billion in annual energy consumption.   BOSS’ management estimates that more than 30% of the approximate $215 billion in annual building energy waste, or $60 billion, could be saved through the use of intelligent device controls for HVAC, lighting, plug loads, and auxiliary equipment.  Intelligent controls generally offer the most rapid return on investment from energy savings.

Market and Industry Research Shows

Market Landscape

  • Fragmented industry solutions
  • Business models slowly evolve with partial solutions to support their existing industry
  • Incomplete technology solutions that are short-sighted & lack integrated solution vision


Approximately 99% of electrical devices used in U.S. commercial buildings lack intelligence or network connectivity.  Building automation systems and advanced controls are typically used in only the largest commercial buildings and then only for controlling centralized HVAC, representing less than 3% of all U.S. commercial buildings.

BOSS Competitive Landscape

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