Our Vision

BOSS’ vision is to be the world’s leading customer centric, demand side energy services, controls, and data analytics company.

Create and dominate demand-side energy management and services market for commercial buildings (approx. 80% of U.S. buildings) using Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS)

  • Control all electrical junction points in the building, from the end device, back to the wholesale energy market
  • Optimize energy and operational costs for the building/customer
  • Execute a go-to-market strategy that scales quickly and cost-effectively
  • Capture a significant portion of a $3T+ Distributed Energy Resource, Services, and Smart Building market

Enable a transactive energy grid by providing a plug-and-play, cybersecure, smart building platform and automation for building owners to freely buy and sell energy amongst themselves

Transform utilities’ business model and expand their revenue opportunities by investing in BOSS’ solution and participating in the transactive energy grid

License BOSS embedded chip technology to OEM device manufacturers, driving all data through BOSS Atmospheres® software

Aggregate and sell all associated IoT “things” data from Atmospheres® (similar to how Facebook, Amazon, and Google monetize “people/privacy” data)

Value Proposition

BOSS designs, markets and sells patented and proprietary cloud based, WiFi enabled product solutions, software and services. The product suite provides a seamless, virtual building energy management and control system enabling reductions in building energy through a dedicated, cyber secure IoT network with built in redundancy.

  • De-regulation has forever altered the traditional utility business model
  • Energy markets are in a paradigm shift, colliding with other industries, moving to smart-building driven market
  • Electrical grids must be protected from active, nation-state threats and unintentional IoT vulnerabilities

BOSS Solution

  • BOSS has a complete demand-side energy management, controls, and data services solution
    • Cost-effective solution that transforms commercial properties into smart buildings
    • Technology driven, as-a-service model, smart building solution
    • Secure from chip to cloud
  • Enables the electrical grid to move to a transactive energy grid with decentralized, clean, and renewable distributed energy resources behind the building’s meter

Meet The Team

BOSS Controls is a veteran-owned company that has developed a transformative approach to energy management.

BOSS Company History

BOSS was founded in 2012 with an idea...

An idea that an integrated, customer centric solution, would bring intelligence and transparency to energy services, allowing for energy and carbon reduction, savings for commercial customers, increased revenue for utilities, and transitioning the energy industry into the future with transactive energy and grid stabilization.

BOSS Historical Timeline

  • Founded BOSS Controls LLC and executed a phased launch and learn strategy
  • Formed early technology partnerships with Cloudbeam, Inc and entered into commercial marketplace
  • Closed a strategic joint development agreement with Coleman Cable Inc (CCI)
  • Secured patents for cybersecure chip module and associated business methods
  • Obtained nation’s first utility custom rebate for smart plugs with ComEd in Chicago selling to schools
  • BOSS Controls developed Atmospheres® software platform and launched initial product sales to seed the market
  • Established Grainger, WESCO, Amazon Business Prime and BOSS eCommerce as market test channels
  • Trane BOSS through ESCO projects
  • Sprint Agreement finalized for telecom R&D and cloud connectivity build-out
  • First marquee ESaaS deployment (Westmoreland County) proving sales process that can be scaled through channel partners
  • Won RFP for City of Pittsburgh as prime contractor, Sprint and Direct Energy as subs and partner agreement with DLC to establish prescriptive energy efficiency rebate for smart plugs
  • Begin DoD cyber security collaboration
    • Established strategic partnership with Tangent Energy to expand software capabilities and develop Atmospheres® 2.0+
    • Passed language in 2019 NDAA to establish specs for DoD on IoT cyber security and energy resiliency for industrial controls
  • Announced pilot programs at Harvard Medical Center labs and U.S. Forestry Services
  • Established relationship with Energy Systems Group (ESCO) for deploying BOSS technology
  • Established partnership with Duquesne Light Company and announced pilots in Allegheny County and Chatham University
  • Established BOSS Controls Inc to facilitate transition from Tech start-up and establish OEM strategy for cybersecure electronic chip module, including the strategic acquisition of Boss Controls LLC (and all assets) as marque OEM and leader in 120V and 220V behind-the-meter control devices.

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