Our Solution

BOSS’s solution provides three incrementally additive product offerings: ESG reporting; open energy market; building digitization.

BOSS’ solution uniquely combines behind-the-meter controls, software, and services. BOSS’ Atmospheres® software as a service technology is the central component. Revenue starts with building retrofit projects for shared energy and operational savings with commercial customers, predictive capabilities for utilities, and data analytics and services to the secondary market that support the customers and building owners.

Commercial customers are able to save up to 50% of the energy used in targeted devices by utilizing the Atmospheres® power profile baseline and automatically controlling devices, based on need, energy pricing, and building load balancing

Reduced Peak Load Contribution charges: Atmospheres® predicts peak-days throughout the year and automatically sheds load during that time, ultimately reducing the customers’ overhead charge for transmission and capacity, which is normally 30%-40% of the electric bill.

Commercial customers easily and reliably participate in utility-driven Demand Response programs where they are compensated for the utility’s ability to shed their load during grid peak times

Atmospheres® provides a single dashboard for device monitoring/management and predictive alerting to engineers when devices are operating out of their normal power profile, enabling preventive maintenance before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Atmospheres® connects commercial electrical junction points and distributed energy resources from behind-the-meter, through to the wholesale market, allowing for grid and building balancing, as well as building owner incremental revenue from re-selling excess demand or capacity on the market.

Transactive Energy: The BOSS solution provides the basis for the customer to participate in the emerging transactive energy market where they will be able to buy and sell energy building to building.

Atmospheres® collects and aggregates data related to Internet of Things (IoT) devices and their surroundings.  By correlating this information, BOSS will be able to provide valuable data and services to secondary market participants. Industries that consider building owners their customers.

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