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BOSS Controls is providing immediate energy savings and enabling demand response load shedding.

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Long vacant periods with dynamic operating hours make plug load conservation challenging. BOSS gives energy managers the tools and support they need to effectively and efficiently manage all of their organization's plug loads.
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Hardware & Software Solutions

BOSS Smart Plugs work seamlessly with Atmospheres®, a cloud-based platform that creates a virtual ecosystem between smart plugs, web and mobile interfaces & cloud hosted data. This means you can monitor and control your 120 volt and 220 volt electrical devices from almost anywhere.

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Energy Usage Data & Analytics

Atmospheres® SaaS lets CFO's, facility managers and energy managers alike remotely access usage data anytime that can be used to make decisions on schedules, equipment maintenance and upgrades. We guarantee that the big data will be game-changing in proving energy efficiency and savings.

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Assessment & Installation

The BOSS solution was designed with rapid deployment in mind. BOSS products are installed quickly, with less cost and risk. Did we mention, we can configure 10, 100, even 1,000 devices at the same time to streamline your deployment to achieve energy savings?

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Rebates, Incentives & Financing

We work directly with utilities and managed service providers to maximize any rebates, incentives and financing available to deploy energy savings programs. BOSS offers a zero-risk solution as well through a shared energy savings plan.

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BOSS Smart Plugs Work with Atmospheres®

BOSS Controls delivers a turnkey energy management solution with next generation IoT devices that can be remotely monitored and controlled to power off plug load electrical devices when they aren't in use.

Atmospheres® SaaS

Maximize energy savings and participate in demand response onsite or off, from any computer or mobile device.

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Smart Plugs

Manage everything from computers and copiers to vending machines and water fountains - remotely and in real time.

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BOSS Smart Plugs on the right electrical devices will provide significant savings that truly impact your bottom line. Get to larger savings, faster!


Baseline Installation

Let's target plug load devices to prove energy savings.


Analytics Savings Report

We will analyze and review data that will drive significant savings month over month.


Full Deployment

We provide value added services including installation, analytics, finance, rebate and incentives with a wider deployment.

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What does your building cost to power?

Even when buildings are empty - which is about 70% of the time - they continue to use energy. Think about how that shrinks your budget. Powering these facilities is costing billions of dollars ever year.
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