Secure power where-ever and when-ever you need it.

Targeting 7.4M tons CO2 emission in the next 5 yrs.​

Unique and innovative solution, comprehensively integrating technology, energy, and services

for commercial.for utility.for data analytics.

The Virtual Power Exchange (VPE) is the first digital retail energy exchange platform and grid management solution for the 21st Century.

BOSS provides a transformative energy services technology solution

Atmospheres® software is the core component

Advanced energy services, energy & carbon reduction, incremental recurring revenue, data analytics & monetization

Cybersecure connections from every behind-the-meter electrical junction point to the wholesale energy market and grid

As-a-service pricing model


BOSS’ vision is to be the world’s leading customer-centric, IoT exchange platform, securely connecting electric vehicles, buildings, smart cities, critical electric grid infrastructure and energy markets.


BOSS’s solution provides three incrementally additive product offerings: ESG reporting; open energy market; building digitization.


BOSS technology, centered around the Atmospheres® software platform and cybersecure embedded chip module, provides a unique and innovative solution that comprehensively integrates technology, energy, data and services for commercial customers, utilities, and providers to the smart-building market.


BOSS’ management estimates that more than 30% of the approximate $215 billion in annual building energy waste, or $60 billion, could be saved through the use of intelligent energy services.

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