There are many companies offering parts of the BOSS solution, but BOSS is the only company with a comprehensive, industrial grade, cybersecure solution that controls and connects electrical junction points from behind the meter, all the way through to the wholesale energy market.  Additionally, cybersecurity and customer centric focus are unique to BOSS.

No.  BOSS has designed a comprehensive energy services technology solution. A component in the solution is a patented cybersecure chip module that BOSS makes available to OEM partners.

Yes.  BOSS offers the ability for a commercial customer to implement the solution with no out-of-pocket expenditure. BOSS shares ongoing energy savings / revenue that is generated through the solution.

The BOSS solution will allow a commercial customer to save energy cost immediately and has a 5 year return on investment.  Additionally, because the BOSS solution is an ongoing and evolving capability, the customer will enjoy significantly incremental (3 times) savings from year 6 on.

Atmospheres provides a comprehensive dashboard for aggregating and managing all legacy and newly offered devices.  Proprietary algorithms provide predictive capabilities for peak load management, predictive building maintenance, and potential building safety concerns.  Measurement and verification is built into the solution, ensuring accuracy in power profiling and behavior trending.

At BOSS, we are very concerned about cyber-security issues and we always recommend developing an IoT Network strategy that meets an organization’s needs and that means deploying IoT devices on a network using the latest industry best practices. BOSS works closely with several large organizations on developing and refining their IoT network strategies and we will continue to take a consultative sales approach with our customers. BOSS is the only solution that is a turnkey, controlled, end to end solution; meaning we design, develop, and manufactures the devices in the U.S.

  • No Default Log In – Each BOSS device has a unique login for configuration.
  • Does Not Execute Unsigned Code – BOSS devices can be updated “over the air”, but only accept a properly signed update from a dedicated BOSS services.
  • Secure Cloud Connection – The BOSS Cloud is secured via a TLS/SSL certificate plus additional BOSS-specific security measures.
  • Only Acts as a Client – Does not accept inbound connections and only communicates with our secure cloud.
  • Use a Separate Iot Network – BOSS recommends deploying all IoT devices on a separate network using a hardware whitelist and RADIUS authentication.

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