Top Energy Trends to Watch in the Commercial Sector in 2018

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The commercial sector represents an estimated 37% of the North American energy load. This is virtually equal to the entire residential load. Although there has been an extensive focus, by utilities in developing programs targeting residential participation, the commercial sector has been under- addressed with programs targeting their specific needs. This sector, which is dominated … Read More

Data: The Key to Market Transformation

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A recent post titled Data – The Foundation of Value in the Energy Market Transformation written by Casey Talon, Principal Research Analyst at Navigant Research, discusses intelligent buildings. Talon who had attended GreenBiz’s annual Verge Conference Vegas this past September, gives her take on the central theme of the conference; data – the key to market … Read More

What a National Energy-Efficiency Policy Would Do for the US

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A proper national energy-efficiency policy would unleash one of the greatest economic growth spurts for the US and the world.   By: Greg Puschnigg, CEO and Founder   Background and History: There is almost a direct correlation between the energy consumed by a nation and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for that nation.  Most people … Read More

A New Generation of Advanced Building Energy Management Systems

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Similarities and challenges the utility industry is facing while implementing an Advanced Distribution Management Systems for Grid Management With the rapid changes of the utility business model moving towards advanced technologies for their customers and increased momentum of the incorporation of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), including Distributed Generation, Storage, Advanced Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, and … Read More

5 Must Haves for Your Building Automation Controls

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As the owner or manager of a building, there are a number of goals that you probably have when it comes to operating the building. These goals should include keeping the building comfortable, safe, and secure – all while finding ways to keep costs down. This can seem like quite a challenge, but it’s a … Read More

How a Meter Data Management System Saves You Money

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The operational costs of a building, whether it be a school, a government building or even a commercial building of some kind, tend to be relatively high. One of the main reasons behind this is the significant amount of energy that’s needed in order to control the building’s comfort and to keep it functioning. While managers … Read More

3 Reasons Plug Load Management is Important for Your Building

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When it comes to investing in improvements for their buildings, owners and managers often focus their efforts on energy efficiency. It’s not difficult to understand why – by improving energy efficiency, they can greatly reduce their building’s energy costs over time. If you’re looking for ways that you can improve your building’s energy efficiency, then … Read More

Climate Literacy and the Plan for Clean Power

Earth Day, which is celebrated every year throughout the world on April 22nd, was first established back in 1970. Even then, people were beginning to understand that the way we lived was having a huge impact on the environment around us. As the years have passed, the focus of Earth Day – to raise awareness … Read More

5 Reasons to Adopt Power Usage Meters

Every building manager and owner wants to find ways to lower their building’s overhead costs. The most effective ways to do this is to reduce the building’s energy consumption. The amount of energy a typical building uses can be quite substantial when you consider all of the lights, HVAC units, appliances, vending machines, electronics, and … Read More

6 Associations Doing Great Things for the Environment

The negative impact that we have on the environment around us has been clear for a long time now, although it hasn’t been until recently that the majority of people and businesses have accepted responsibility and have begun taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. As a result, more and more associations have popped up … Read More