Frequently Asked Questions

How does BOSS work?
BOSS uses your existing WiFi network and obtains its own IP address for two-way communication.
Why is BOSS technology more Cyber-Secure than other IoT Devices?
At BOSS, we are very concerned about cyber-security issues and we always recommend developing an IoT Network strategy that meets an organization’s needs and that means deploying IoT devices on a network using the latest industry best practices. BOSS works closely with several large organizations on developing and refining their IoT network strategies and we will continue to take a consultative sales approach with our customers. BOSS is the only solution that is a turnkey, controlled, end to end solution; meaning we design, develop, and manufactures the devices in the U.S.
Five reasons why BOSS offers a more secure solution versus other IoT products:
  1. No Default Log In – Each BOSS device has a unique login for configuration.
  2. Does Not Execute Unsigned Code – BOSS devices can be updated “over the air”, but only accept a properly signed update from a dedicated BOSS services.
  3. Secure Cloud Connection – The BOSS Cloud is secured via a TLS/SSL certificate plus additional BOSS-specific security measures.
  4. Only Acts as a Client – Does not accept inbound connections and only communicates with our secure cloud.
  5. Use a Separate Iot Network – BOSS recommends deploying all IoT devices on a separate network using a hardware whitelist and RADIUS authentication.
What happens to BOSS during a power outage?
No worries. BOSS and its stored schedules aren’t affected. Operations will resume when power is restored.
Can BOSS be administered to manage a group?
Yes, as many groups as you need. It can also have default settings for multiple devices in a room called “Scenes”.
How does BOSS differ from a timer?
BOSS provides far more on/off capabilities and options such as variable daily schedule, remote monitoring and control and open ADR capability. It allows an administrator to program and re-program in far less time with one or two keystrokes.
Can BOSS handle changes from Standard to Daylight Savings time?
Yes, automatically.
How does BOSS work?
BOSS uses your existing WiFi network and obtains its own IP address for two-way communication.
Does BOSS have a warranty?
Yes, a one-year warranty.
Can you move BOSS plugs to other locations once they have been scheduled?
Yes. Unplug them and move them to another outlet with another device to control, then simply apply a different schedule to the plug, if you like. Note that if the other location is on a different WiFi network, you may have to set up the BOSS plugs on that new WiFi network.
Will I know which devices around the office are controlled by which BOSS plug?
To make identification easy, choose an appropriate name for each BOSS plug when it is first installed.
After I schedule a BOSS plug and turn off my computer, what happens to the plug?
The BOSS Atmospheres ™ is cloud-based to eliminate any reliance on computers. Once you configure your BOSS plugs with a schedule, the cloud maintains the schedule, allowing you to modify the schedule from any computer via the web browser interface. In addition, the BOSS plugs retain the last schedule they were assigned within the plug itself.
What are the best devices for BOSS to control?
While just about any workplace device can be controlled, most of our customers use BOSS on devices that are generally left on when not in use, but could save substantial energy if turned off. This includes air conditioners, water coolers, vending machines and office or entertainment centers. BOSS plugs also save time by turning devices on or off with one keystroke. They enhance security by allowing you to turn devices on or off while away. And they give you the convenience of having all your controls in your hand, wherever you are.
Can you control BOSS remotely?
Yes, just log in via any internet-connected web browser or mobile phone apps (iOS and Android).
How long will BOSS continue to log and store energy data?
There are multiple cloud services packages to choose from. You can log and store data for 13 months.
Can you assign BOSS a specific IP address?
Yes, routers assign BOSS plugs their IP address automatically. If your IT department would like to assign a static IP address to each BOSS Smart Plug, you can do that.