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BOSS is the first cloud-based commercial solution designed specifically for the needs of small-to-mid-size organizations. From commercial to education and government facilities, BOSS is helping businesses run leaner and greener.


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With BOSS Smart Plugs & Atmospheres®, managing plug loads has never been easier.

The BOSS energy management system is an easy to install, plug-and-play solution that allows you to automate and control all plug loads in you educational facility from one interface.

Single Interface

Control and schedule device groups and hundreds of plug loads with a single press of a button from your desktop interface or IOS or Android mobile device.

Dynamic Grouping

Intelligently group devices, for control and power measurement, by appliance type, floor, building, location, or any user-defined category.

Intelligent Reporting

Report on specific energy savings, down to the individual device, to meet energy efficiency goal reporting requirements.

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What does your building cost to power?

Even when buildings are empty - which is about 70% of the time - they continue to use energy. Think about how that shrinks your budget. Powering these facilities is costing billions of dollars ever year.
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