7 Uses for Plug Load Control Devices

Posted 2016-07-07 in

Plug load control devices provide two major services to your building. First, they allow you to monitor your plug load and, second, they allow you to control your plug load. When you have appliances and electronics plugged in, they absorb power. Even if they are in the off position – they’re still consuming power. This is known as phantom … Read More

Financial Considerations for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Posted 2015-12-10 in

Energy efficient practices and programs are so important to today’s business. Most organizations are aware of this. They know that their employees want to work for a green company. They know that they have a responsibility to operate as sustainably as possible. And yet, so many hesitate to implement the solutions they need in order … Read More

Reduce Your Facility’s Energy Costs by 30%

Posted 2015-04-13 in

Innovative Cloud-Based Platform Reduces Energy Consumption Green technology advances in commercial buildings not only help companies save money over time, it scores tax breaks, rebates and other incentives. Companies are developing new technologies and products to help building owners capture some of the “coolest” advances. Many are familiar with the motion-sensor light switches that have … Read More