The Beauty of Remote Control.

Simple, powerful and intelligent – Atmospheres software technology is an open architecture, interoperable cloud-based platform. It creates a virtual ecosystem between controllers, sensors, web and mobile interfaces, cloud hosted data and controls logic.

Manage your Building’s Energy Consumption with BOSS Atmospheres®

Existing buildings account for vast amounts of energy consumption. By managing plug loads, your buildings will become more efficient and sustainable. The Atmospheres virtual building automation system enables you to monitor, manage, and control your plug loads from anywhere in the world. Combined with our 120V and 220V Smart Plugs, it puts the power to transform your energy usage in the palm of your hand.

Maximize Plug Load Savings and Participate in Demand Response

Group devices by location or type. Monitor and manage electrical devices onsite or off, from any computer or mobile device. Atmospheres enables you to reduce energy consumption through schedule-based plug load management. Use Atmospheres’ interoperability to reduce peak demand or participate in demand response by temporarily turning off non-critical plug loads.

Atmospheres plus BOSS Smart Plugs provides a smarter, turnkey building automation system. Turn plug loads off at night. Power back up in the morning, before start of business. All with the touch of a finger.

Much More Than a Programmable Timer.

The result of the cloud-based virtual building controls is delivering upwards of 30% in annual energy savings. BOSS helps to make buildings more efficient and sustainable. We have successfully implemented our turnkey solution for educational institutions, government and businesses.

Why Use WiFi?
  • It’s everywhere
  • It’s simple
  • End users know and understand it (there are 2 billion+ WiFi devices in use worldwide)
  • It’s the largest universal installed wireless network infrastructure in buildings
  • It allows various methods of control: direct control, WiFi network or through the cloud
  • It offers a convenient mobility play, unlike other products. WiFi is already embedded in your mobile device
  • It’s the fastest growing open standard communication protocol in mobile platforms
  • It’s the total lowest-cost solution compared to alternative proprietary technologies
  • It’s interoperable unlike other protocols
  • It delivers the highest bandwidth, IP friendly (no bridge), best security, longer range and the IT workforce is already trained for faster lower cost installation and support
Operational Features
  • Turnkey platform for plug-load energy management in commercial buildings and homes
  • Add 120V and 220V Smart Plugs in large groups or a la carte as your budget permits
  • Control any plug-in electrical device with ease
  • Group devices across different WiFi networks, in different buildings and locations
  • Receive energy rebates 1
  • Demand response load shed capable 1
  • Plug load level power measurement and historical reporting
  • 7-day time-based scheduling for individual devices or groups of devices
  • Alerts and notifications for device or group behavior
  • Manual device overrides to allow for the highest user experience
  • Powerful graphing and reporting tools to verify energy savings
Technical Features
  • Uses existing WiFi infrastructure for the lowest cost deployment. No additional network equipment is required
  • WiFi, open standard, interoperable platform with enterprise-level encryption
  • Remote, over the internet firmware upgrades for end devices
  • No software updates
  • Automatic product registration
  • Browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) dashboard for system control
  • IOS and Android mobile app control
  • Direct customer marketing information and real time device usage data
  • Remote troubleshooting and warranty compliance

120 Smart Plug

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220 Smart Plug

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What does your building cost to power?

Even when buildings are empty - which is about 70% of the time - they continue to use energy. Think about how that shrinks your budget. Powering these facilities is costing billions of dollars ever year.
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