How Smart Plugs and Atmospheres® Work Together

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As a building manager or owner, you know how costly a building’s energy bills can be. In fact, they probably account for a pretty large chunk of your overhead. While you may have implemented ways to reduce your building’s energy use by upgrading your HVAC system or implementing some kind of building automation system, one aspect of energy consumption that you may not have thought about is the plug load of your building.

The plug load refers to the amount of energy that is being used by the appliances and electronics that are plugged into your building’s outlets. Even when some of these electronics, such as TVs or printers, are turned off, they will still absorb power as long as they remain plugged in. This is called phantom power.

Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate phantom power and reduce your plug load, substantially reducing the energy use of your building. How? By using smart plugs, combined with our Atmospheres® software.

What are smart plugs?

Smart plugs are devices that can be plugged into your appliances and electronics, allowing you to observe and control their energy use remotely via our Atmospheres software, which is an Internet of Things product. This means that you can track and control the energy use of your building’s appliances and electronics on any mobile device, from your tablet to your smartphone and in real time.

For example, by installing smart plugs on the TVs that are plugged into your building, you can not only track their energy use to see when their peak usage times and down times are, you can then program the smart plugs to cut off power to those TVs during their down times, when they are not in use. This cuts off all phantom power.

This makes it more convenient to reduce the energy use in your building, since you don’t have to go around unplugging everything every single night! You’ll also be able to return power to an appliance or electronic item in an instant if needed (for example, if an emergency meeting is held on a weekend when the building is usually empty).

How does Atmospheres work?

Atmospheres is the software that allows our smart plugs to be monitored and controlled in real time wirelessly through a remote control, such as your smartphone or tablet. It is an open architecture, cloud-based platform that creates a single virtual ecosystem between all of your controllers, web interfaces, mobile interfaces, sensors, controls logic and cloud hosted data.

Here are some of the many benefits of using our Atmospheres software:

It’s easy to implement

The use of Atmospheres doesn’t require any additional IT infrastructure in order to implement – you can use it with your existing WiFi. This allows for the lowest cost deployment since no additional network equipment is needed.

Updates are easy

First of all, there are no software updates, which means your user experience is never interrupted by the need to update your software every other day. Secondly, firmware upgrades for your end devices can be made remotely over the Internet.

It’s incredibly flexible

You can use Atmospheres to group different devices together across separate WiFi networks throughout different buildings and locations.

It allows you to track and measure energy use

You’ll have easy access to not only real time plug load level power measurements, but also to historical reporting.

It provides control over your plug load

Using Atmospheres, you can control and schedule separate devices or groups of devices over the course of a seven-day period.

It makes it easy to verify energy savings

Atmospheres provides in-depth, yet easy to read graphing and reporting tools that make it simple to verify your energy savings.

It has a better user experience

Atmospheres allows you to manually override pre-programmed devices in order to give you even more control. Its interface is incredibly user-friendly, and can be used on any Android or IOS device as well. Atmospheres is set up to allow users to control plug loads with simply a touch of a button.

It allows you to set up alerts

You can set up alerts and notifications for the specific behaviors of certain devices or groups of devices.

It’s secure

Atmospheres is an interoperable platform with enterprise-level encryption.

As smart as our Smart Plugs are, it’s the actual Atmospheres software behind them that makes our BOSS Controls system so advanced and effective.

Do you want to become a part of the $60 billion in energy cost savings in the US alone with the implementation of energy efficiency devices?

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