Reduce Your Facility’s Energy Costs by 30%

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Innovative Cloud-Based Platform Reduces Energy Consumption

Green technology advances in commercial buildings not only help companies save money over time, it scores tax breaks, rebates and other incentives. Companies are developing new technologies and products to help building owners capture some of the “coolest” advances. Many are familiar with the motion-sensor light switches that have been proven to save energy.

Now, you have the power to control all of your electrical devices at your commercial buildings from your computer or mobile devices, thanks to the Atmospheres™ software technology and BOSS Smart Plugs.

Smart buildings start here. BOSS provides intelligent and networked control, sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) products to commercial buildings to automate and optimize energy efficiency, water efficiency, security and operational tasks.

iPad_Hands__Atmos_400-300x105Atmospheres™ is an open architecture, cloud-based platform. BOSS Controls uses this unmatched technology to connect iPad_Hands__Atmos_400people with their building energy loads through a virtual system of controllers, sensors, data storage, analytics, and interfaces.

According to the Department of Energy, plug loads consume as much as 1/4 of building electricity. Without proper management, which is impractical with traditional energy management systems, these plug loads can waste thousands of dollars in electricity annually, even in small commercial and educational facilities. Energy waste in commercial buildings alone is as much as $80 billion annually.

Atmospheres™ software is proven to enable reduction in building energy costs by up to 30 percent. Atmospheres™ saves your company money by giving you full control of plug-load energy consumption in all of your buildings.

Its user-friendly reporting tool generates overviews of your energy and power consumption in easy to read graphs and charts. Using this tool to monitor your facility’s energy consumption allows you to pinpoint where energy can be reduced, directly producing a cost-savings solution.

Products Designed For You

BOSS software was designed to suit your needs. Atmospheres™ saves costs by using your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, the lowest cost deployment out there. It also eliminates vacant space loads for devices, such as water fountains, heaters, and air conditioners. Managing your company’s plug-load consumption is convenient and Atmospheres™ gives you ultimate control over your commercial building’s energy and operational efficiencies.

You now have the power to remotely monitor, control, and automate all of your facility’s plug-in electrical devices from one interface – whether that’s on a PC, iOS, or Android device. Scheduling weekend and overnight run-times for vending machines, window air conditioners, and equipment has never been simpler! So, you can throw away those sticky notes reminding employees to remember to turn off lights.

Atmospheres™ allows companies to take charge of a green initiative by reducing energy consumption – not only making an impact on your company, but on the Earth. The eco-friendly products BOSS Controls offers can help solve our energy crisis.


The Smart Plug Gives You Full Control

The smart plug has changed how we manage energy. Control all of your plug loads from the palm of your hand. Our smart plugs combined with our Atmospheres™ software creates a true controls suite that will transform your commercial building into a smart building with effortless demand management and control.

By adding BOSS Controls’ Wi-Fi enabled Smart Plugs to your operations,    you can control any plug-in electrical device with ease. You can add as many BOSS 120 and 220 smart plugs in large groups or a la carte as your budget permits.

BOSS Controls’ smart plugs and Atmospheres™ software are the smart solution for managing your company’s energy consumption. But, don’t just manage, BOSS.

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Do you want to become a part of the $60 billion in energy cost savings in the US alone with the implementation of energy efficiency devices?

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