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Utility companies across the U.S. offer energy savings rebates for the commercial space. Learn about the numerous custom rebates that can put money back into your pocket.

Rebates by State

States, local governments and utilities offer Rebate Programs to promote the installation of energy efficiency measures. BOSS Controls Plug Load Energy Management System (Smart Plugs + Atmospheres®) provides the measurement and verification needed to apply for custom rebate programs. To learn more about rebates available in your state, visit our website often for updates.

It is our goal is to keep you informed about rebates and actionable topics. Access to the websites below is being provided as a convenience by BOSS Controls and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any service. Once you click on a link, a new window will appear for you to navigate the vendor’s website.

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Trade Allies

Get connected with Trade Allies in your state! As a business, you can tap into today’s growing demand for energy efficient products and services with the help of Trade Allies. They help commercial customers obtain money-saving incentives and improve the energy efficiency of their businesses. Trade Allies play an important role for BOSS Controls; they help educate our customers about energy efficiency programs and rebates. If you would like to partner with BOSS Controls in the capacity of a Trade Ally, please contact us today.

Generate Energy Saving on Vending Machines

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Most utilities offer a prescriptive or custom rebate for a vending miser, and BOSS Smart Plugs operate in a similar fashion; a plug and play smart plug that creates immediate savings and conservation.

Schedule, Measure & Verify with Atmospheres®

Monitoring and Verification (M&V) of kilowatt hours saved are the key to receiving custom rebates. Our web and mobile app Atmospheres® was designed to monitor and verify energy use and savings. With Atmospheres®, you can access your data, on demand, from any mobile device to accurately demonstrate your energy reduction rates and savings attributed to the installation of BOSS Smart Plugs.

Specifically, Atmospheres® empowers you to reduce your business’s energy consumption by managing your “plug load.” Plug load is the term for the amount of energy you use every month from devices and other electronics being plugged into electrical sockets. Atmospheres® can manage the amount of energy used through its innovative, schedule-based system. Atmospheres® reduces peak demand by temporarily turning off non-critical plug loads. It also has the ability to turn off unnecessary plug loads during nights, weekends and holidays. Since it is available via computer, cell phone, tablet or other device, you can power up in the morning, before the start of business or at any time by schedule or on demand.

By making your building more efficient and sustainable, through plug load management, you can receive upwards of 30% in annual energy savings off of your typical charges. In addition, you are eligible to receive rebates, incentives and other financial savings.

In the case of schools pre-K through 12, colleges and universities, the utilities and agencies often offer other specialized incentives, such as funding and grant programs, to help upgrade or retro-fit a school to be more energy efficient and save on their energy bills.

At first, the rules and processes may seem overwhelming. BOSS is dedicated to educating business customers about energy efficiency programs and rebates. We work closely with contractors, engineers, and utility companies to effectively adhere to program rules, application processes and procedures as part of our turnkey solution.

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