BOSS 220 Smart Plug

The 220 V Smart Plug is rated for 20 amps and can control all your heavy 220V loads such as PTACs, pumps and wall and ceiling electric heaters.


BOSS can offer value added services with volume orders of 50 or more, please contact us to learn more.


Product Details

Product Description

Monitor, control, automate and optimize your plug-in electronic and electrical devices. With the BOSS 220 Smart Plug and your mobile device or computer, you can control & schedule your devices from anywhere in the world, you can know how much energy they are using and how they are performing.

No matter where you are, the Boss 220 Smart Plug provides you control and energy management of your plug-in 220V electrical loads – from window air conditioners and electric heaters, to vending machines and water fountains, found in your commercial space.

Appliance Protection

Brown out, over/under voltage and over current protection feature interrupts power to the power strip with hysteresis based reconnect should a power condition arise. Scheduling allows the strip to be turned on or off depending on the time of day, week or month.

Key Features
  • Single 220V (20 Amp) grounded plug-in controller.
  • Controlled via mobile device or computer with internet connection.
  • Program with 7 day schedules. Easily upload saved schedules to large groups of devices simultaneously.
  • Monitor real-time and peak power usage (watts).
  • Monitor and graph energy consumption (kilowatt hours).
  • Assign devices to different locations.
  • Group and simultaneously control multiple devices by location, device type or any user defined category.
  • Use your existing WiFi network. No additional networking infrastructure is required.
  • Power Measurement
Works with Atmospheres®

BOSS 120 & 220 Smart Plugs work seamlessly with Atmospheres a cloud-based platform that creates a virtual ecosystem between smart plugs, web and mobile interfaces & cloud hosted data, allowing users to monitor and control their 120 volt and 220 volt electrical devices from almost anywhere.

Free for 12 Months

A unique subscription to Atmospheres is required for each BOSS 120 and 220 Smart Plug and is included free for 12 months with every device purchased.

Commercial Subscriptions

Need a solution for your business or educational institution? Please contact our sales team to learn about custom BOSS Energy Management Solutions.

Technical Features
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compatible.
  • Easy web browser based provisioning to attach to local network.
  • WPA/WPA2- PSK, WPA2- Enterprise (PEAPO, EAP-FAST).
  • 30 second sub-metering data resolution.
  • Remote control via internet, local control via WiFi.
  • Over the Internet firmware upgrade.
  • Cloud based data aggregation.
  • Cloud based time synchronization to < 15 ms.
  • Condition based alert notifications.
  • Supports an open API for system integration.
  • Standard socket, single-phase 220V 20 amp.
  • LED indicators signal ready, active & fault conditions.
  • Appliance voltage and current protection features.
  • Sub-metering measures: voltage, current, line frequency, active power, power factor, phase angle.
  • < 0.5% accuracy over 2000:1 current range and over temperature.
  • Fireproof X3 MOV 6.
  • Embedded Open ADR smart client Manual button for on/off control or Open ADR bypass UL, FCC & ROHS certified.
Open API for Integration

Device data and control is available for integration into a dashboard, mobile app or other application via BOSS open API. The Smart Plug transmits consumption and power information every 30 seconds.

BOSS Eco-System

BOSS provides a family of products that seamlessly integrate with BOSS’ energy management system, providing a secure end-to-end, single log-on solution to monitor and control in one or more locations. Within the BOSS solution, one-touch settings enable customers to prepare their home or business for arrival or departure with a single button push, and receive a variety of alerts and alarms supported through the Cloud.

Volume Order

BOSS can offer value added services with volume orders. These services include assessment, installation, analytics, rebate and incentives.

Contact BOSS for Volume Orders

Smart Plugs and Atmospheres®

BOSS Smart Plugs come with a one-year subscription to our Atmospheres energy management app. After one-year free with initial purchase the Atmospheres Subscription is $1 per device per year.

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