How a Meter Data Management System Saves You Money

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The operational costs of a building, whether it be a school, a government building or even a commercial building of some kind, tend to be relatively high. One of the main reasons behind this is the significant amount of energy that’s needed in order to control the building’s comfort and to keep it functioning.

While managers and owners have been able to cut down on such costs over the years by investing in various upgrades, such as more efficient HVAC systems or lighting systems, the real difference has been in the ability to track and measure energy use down to specific devices and over the course of specific time periods. In fact, this ability is becoming even more commonplace with the implementation of meter data management systems.

What is Meter Data Management?

Meter data management is used by utility companies so that they can more accurately identify how much energy customers are using, thereby allowing them to more accurately bill them. They accomplish this through sub metering. The use of smart meters has made this process more efficient and effective over the years, which has led to a massive adoption rate by utility companies. In 2015, utility companies installed upwards of 64.7 million smart meters throughout the U.S., according to the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration).

Their success has led to the development of meter data management systems, which connect smart meters and related communications networks to utilities. As you can imagine, such meter data management systems could be incredibly helpful to building managers and owners as well because of their ability to accurately track and record energy use.

Tracking Your Building’s Energy Use

The information that utility companies have based on the data they collect via their meter data management system could be quite helpful to building owners and managers. Fortunately, there are ways that you can track your building’s energy use data independent of your utility company. For example, you could use BOSS Smart Plugs along with their innovative Atmospheres® software to gather beneficial energy usage data from throughout your building. The following are just a few ways that the data management that BOSS Smart Plugs provide can benefit you:

Avoid Utility Data Fees

The data collected by utility companies could be extremely useful as the manager or owner of your building. However, this information is not freely available – most utility companies will only share the data that they have collected and analyzed with their customers for a fee. By implementing your own data tracking and management system, you can bypass these fees and obtain access to even more thorough data.

Identify Energy Use of Individual Devices

The way that the BOSS Smart Plugs work is simple. You plug them into your outlets and then plug your appliances or electronic devices directly into them. Through the use of the Atmospheres software, you’ll then be able to track the energy use of each individual device that’s plugged into the Smart Plugs. This makes it easy to identify what devices are working inefficiently.

Identify Energy Use of Spaces 

The Atmospheres software allows you to track energy use in numerous different ways. For example, you can group the devices together in order to both measure their energy use as a group as well as control them as a group. This means that you can track the energy use in a specific space, thereby allowing you to determine what areas of your building use the most energy.

Track Energy Consumption Over Time

Whether you’re tracking your devices individually or by groupings, you’ll be able to track their energy use over time. This allows you to identify not only what devices or areas of the building are using the most energy over a specific time period, but also when their peak energy times are.

The data you collect will allow you to take effective measures to cut down on energy use. For example, you can upgrade the appliances that use the most energy at certain times. You can also take steps to cut down on energy wasted through standby power by installing Smart Plugs on your appliances and electrical devices. You can then use building automation to cut off power to these devices and appliances during usage down times in order to eliminate standby power.

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your building’s energy use, thereby helping to significantly reduce the costs of your building’s operations, then the first step is to identify where your building is using and potentially wasting the most amount of energy and during what times. This kind of data can be collected by implementing our BOSS Smart Plugs. Find out more about how you can gain control over your building’s energy use by contacting us at BOSS Controls today.


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