Data: The Key to Market Transformation

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A recent post titled Data – The Foundation of Value in the Energy Market Transformation written by Casey Talon, Principal Research Analyst at Navigant Research, discusses intelligent buildings. Talon who had attended GreenBiz’s annual Verge Conference Vegas this past September, gives her take on the central theme of the conference; data – the key to market transformation. This is especially true in the intelligent building and Buildings2Grid (B2G) space. The commercial building space is one of the largest, most widely untapped resources for value in both sustainability and grid optimization. The commercial sector is estimated to represent 37% of total energy consumption and quality data is the key to unlocking the integrated demand side management in this sector. Casey points out that goals of environmental justice can be meet alongside the energy industry transformation through the combined use of data and technology.

One of the primary themes Casey highlights is the acceptance, from all segments, that “the traditional utility business model is obsolete, if not dead.” She talks about the technology platforms that are creating value in business models and that are being built around “a more dynamic relationship between energy supply and demand. The foundation of this new energy reality is digital transformation, in which data fuels business opportunities.”

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