BOSS and The City of Pittsburgh to Roll out Energy Savings as a Service

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BOSS Controls announced that they have received the intent to award contract from the City of Pittsburgh to deploy the nation’s first fully integrated Energy Savings as a Service initiative across approximately 100 City buildings.

In addition to partnering with the City of Pittsburgh’s Sustainability and Resilience Division, Facilities Bureau and the Department of Innovation and Performance as the participating City agencies, the service includes the following partners; Direct Energy Business, Sprint, Duquesne Light Company, Luna Energy Partners, Energy Innovation Center Institute (EICI) and Carnegie Mellon building portfolio energy management software spinout, Building Ideas Group (BIG).

This service will provide immediate energy savings at the plug load for the City, is the first partnership of its kind, and is elevating Pittsburgh as the national model for clean energy innovation.

“The product deployment is part of the City’s Climate Action 3.0 objectives of reducing emissions by 50 percent and the city’s participation in the 2030 District Challenge was also a guiding factor for the deployment in the City’s buildings Downtown,” said Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Pittsburgh. “The goals of the Challenge of reducing energy and water consumption by 50 percent initiated the testing and deployment.”

BOSS’s revolutionary service provides immediate energy savings for all of the City’s buildings at the plug load and enables demand response load shedding to reduce peak demand for the electrical grid, while also reducing pollution. In the near future, this service, which requires no upfront costs from the building owners, will be available to Duquesne Light’s customers, and other utilities and their customers across the country.

“We are very fortunate to have great innovative leaders and forward-looking organizations as we do in Mayor Peduto and the City of Pittsburgh, Direct Energy Business, Sprint, Duquesne Light, Luna Energy Partners, the EICI and BIG,” says Greg Puschnigg, CEO/Founder of BOSS Controls. “What we are doing today is forever changing the electric utility business model across the world, saving on costs, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and creating many new energy technology jobs. We are proud to be the first to launch Energy Savings as a Service controlling energy down to the plug load.”

Connectivity for the BOSS Smart Plugs that will be installed in the City of Pittsburgh buildings will use Sprint’s Magic Box and LTE modems with WiFi to connect the plugs. The BOSS Smart Plugs can be added to any electrical devices that simply need to be scheduled off when the buildings are unoccupied, ultimately netting meaningful cost savings and granting the City a reduced carbon footprint.

Duquesne Light Company has designed a rebate amount to be offered to the City of Pittsburgh as a pilot program for the implementation of BOSS Controls citywide. This rebate will be offered through the Duquesne Light Watt Choices Program.

“Duquesne Light is excited to partner with the City of Pittsburgh by providing the rebate to advance energy efficiency technology in the City,” said Dave Defide, Manager of Customer Programs, Duquesne Light Company.

“Mayor Peduto is in full support of our new energy savings initiative, and we are prepared for a citywide deployment that will generate significant savings and rebate,” said Puschnigg. “City buildings can and should achieve large and rapid energy savings without any upfront costs through our new Energy Savings as a Service.”

“Emissions from buildings make up roughly 80 percent of the City’s carbon footprint. Optimizing energy consumption within city facilities helps to better allocate scarce resources,” added Ervin.

The City of Pittsburgh began the piloting and deployment with BOSS Controls and other engaged partners as part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Global City Team Challenge and through the Carnegie Mellon/City of Pittsburgh Metro 21 program.