Energy Savings at a Glance 2016

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Some companies have taken action to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints, while others are just formulating plans.  2030 Districts have pledged energy savings and are establishing partnerships with vendors that can create high-performance buildings, these districts are at the forefront of sustainability initiatives.  Public and private partnerships are forming across North American to reduce energy use, and utilities are expanding incentive programs for kWh savings for new energy savings products.

BOSS Controls plays a large role in creating energy savings for building owners.  Cisco’s Solution Partner Program, Co-stars Cooperative Purchasing Program, and PG & E’s Trade Professional Alliance Program all recognize energy savings at the plug load. BOSS will continue to ignite other impactful partnerships with these other industry leaders and utilities.

The impact.

BOSS Controls has deployed its Energy Sates/Provinces with CustomersEfficiency Management Solution in 35 states and provinces in North America in 2016.  State and local government, schools K – 12, colleges and universities are driving demand.  In 2014 – 15, BOSS Smart Plugs were officially introduced into the market (boots on the street as they say!). Focused on how commercial spaces can find energy savings at the plug load, the efforts have resulted in a 400% growth in customer count for 2016.

Commercial buildings aren’t the only energy drains. Stadiums, libraries, and entertainment facilities are sucking boatloads of energy, even when their fans go home.  These venues are seeking energy savings solutions that will save them money and reduce their carbon footprint.  More than ever, with plug load efficiency and aggressive energy targets, getting to net zero is how stadiums want to quantify their savings!  Just look at what the NFL is doing… 24 of the most energy efficient stadiums in the league.

Sustainable progress.

BOSS recognizes that behaviors are changing, like turning off the coffee pot when workers go home.  Energy savings at the plug load are the most rapid of all energy savings solutions (i.e. solar panels and LED lights), and the ROI with Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs is typically less than two years.  BOSS is working with the best of breed in this industry to get these products to markets– Amazon, Grainger, WESCO and Trane to name a few.  They demand smarter and better technology; BOSS delivers it.  BOSS is helping partners like these provide their customers solutions to run better, smarter, and more efficient buildings.  Sustainable progress can begin with an assessment or snapshot of energy savings.  The BOSS calculator gets you started.

Atmospheres®, its software solution, provides energy managers with consistent measurement and verification reporting.  It is the Wi-Fi-enabled hardware, coupled with Atmosphere’s software, and the measurement and verification data that makes BOSS Controls a complete solution.

Utilities are approving incentives for the total kWh saved, and most states offer energy incentive programs to help offset energy costs.  To learn about the availability of energy-efficiency projects in, 2016 BOSS Controls developed its rebate hub to make searching by state easy.