6 Associations Doing Great Things for the Environment

The negative impact that we have on the environment around us has been clear for a long time now, although it hasn’t been until recently that the majority of people and businesses have accepted responsibility and have begun taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. As a result, more and more associations have popped up over the years that are doing great things for the environment. Some of these associations have been around decades, while some are relatively new. The following are six organizations in particular that have performed great service in helping our environment:

The Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund has been around for more than thirty years now. Its goal is to help preserve land throughout the United States for future generations by balancing environmental and economic interests. As of now, they’ve protected over seven million acres of land across the country. Their conservation strategy consists of three parts:

  • Conservation Real Estate – This strategy involves the securing of land for interests that are both public and private.
  • Sustainable Programs – This strategy involves the leading and creation of programs that promote sustainability, such as a conservation institute as well as a leadership network.
  • Conservation Ventures – This strategy includes pursuing ventures that include green business lending and sustainable forest management.


The NRDC (National Resources Defense Council)

The NRDC was founded back in 1970 and is considered one of the most powerful environmental groups in the country. The association also regards itself as “Earth’s best defense.” They boast over 1.4 million members and have a large staff that consists of economists, scientists, policy experts, and lawyers. They focus on the following seven issues:

  • Promote a clean energy future
  • Curb global warming
  • Defend endangered wildlife
  • Revive the oceans
  • Protect health by preventing pollution
  • Foster sustainable communities
  • Ensure water that’s safe and sufficient

The NRDC often publishes policy research and analysis in order to inform local communities, businesses and the government. Members often take direct action on both small and large scales, whether it’s through their lifestyle or through the petitioning of elected leaders concerning environmental policy.


The Sierra Club Foundation

The Sierra Club Foundation is one of the oldest associations founded to help the environment. The current foundation was established back in 1960; however, it can be traced back to the Sierra Club, which was an organization founded by well-known conservationist John Muir all the way back in 1892. The Sierra Club Foundation focuses on education, inspiration, and empowerment. They often perform fundraising events in order to fund their conservation activities. These include the following:

  • Their environmental law program
  • Their Climate Recovery Partnership
  • Their Mission Outdoors program
  • Their partnerships with the community
  • Their partnerships in environmental justice

They also provide grants to other environmental organizations, which include Veterans Green Jobs and the Blue Green Alliance.



Earthjustice was established in 1971 as a way to provide legal representation for any organizations or individuals that are involved in environmental litigation. More than a hundred lawyers throughout the country work for Earthjustice. Their goals are to focus on litigation that benefits natural spaces and wildlife, healthy communities and clean energy. Once a case has been one, they will work with members of Congress in order to craft new laws and strengthen old ones.

Earthjustice has been involved in numerous landmark environmental cases throughout the years and has represented hundreds of clients, from smaller grassroots organizations to larger national organizations. They work free of charge due to the donations of individual donors and foundations.


The Union of Concerned Scientists

The Union of Concerned Scientists is an organization that dates back to 1969 when a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology students and faculty joined together to examine government policy in regards to environmental issues, which today include global warming, clean energy, large-scale food production and nuclear power.

Not only do they focus on highlighting the most pressing environmental matters of the day, they also focus on finding solutions to those matters. They currently have a national network that consists of 17,000 scientists and counting and have provided important testimony that has been vital to the passing of several pieces of green legislation over the years.


2030 Districts

The vision of the 2030 Districts is to create a network of cities that provide sustainability through collaboration, shared data and resources, and the ability to leverage financing. Though the 2030 Districts have only been around for 5 years, there are already 15 cities and over 296 million square feet, which are all working towards the goal of reducing energy, water, and vehicle emission targets in existing structure and new buildings. Each district is locally led by property owners and manager, services stakeholders and community stakeholders.

These are six of the organizations that have earned a reputation over the years for their work in generating awareness for environmental issues as well as in their efforts to help reduce the negative impact that we have on the environment through both research and legislation. There are many ways that you can benefit the environment as well, even if it’s on a smaller scale. For example, minimizing the carbon footprint of your building. For information on how you can reduce your building’s energy use, be sure to contact us at BOSS Controls today.